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Director of Finance/ Bus Development

Years at Zankli: 9 years

Role: Director of Finance/ Bus Development .

Years of Experience: 29.

Profile: Ms Maryanne Uwagba is an accomplished financial professional with an impressive career spanning 29 years, during which she has made significant contributions to the financial and administrative sectors. She currently serves as the Director of Finance at Zankli Medical Centre, where her extensive expertise and experience have had a profound impact on the organization's financial strategies and operations.

Education and Qualifications:

  • Academic Background: Maryanne holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the esteemed University of Lagos. Her educational foundation has provided her with a solid understanding of business principles and financial management.

Professional Journey:

  • Banking Sector Expertise: Prior to joining Zankli Medical Centre, Ms Maryanne had a distinguished career in the banking sector, working in various capacities that allowed her to amass a wealth of knowledge and experience. She retired from the banking sector as a Regional Manager, showcasing her exceptional leadership and financial acumen.

  • Extensive Experience: With 29 years of experience in finance and administration, Ms Maryanne brings a deep understanding of financial management, strategic planning, and risk management to her role as the Director of Finance at Zankli.

  • Diverse Roles at Zankli: Maryanne's journey at Zankli Medical Centre has been marked by versatility and adaptability. She has held several pivotal positions within the organization, including Head of Finance/Business Development and Director of Administration and Finance. Her ability to excel in diverse roles has made her a valued asset to the institution.

  • Director of Finance: In her current role as the Director of Finance, Maryanne is responsible for the financial well-being of Zankli Medical Centre. She plays a critical role in managing the center's financial resources, developing financial strategies, and ensuring fiscal responsibility.

  • Professional Fellowships: Ms Maryanne's career has been enriched by her involvement in professional fellowships and associations related to finance and administration. These affiliations have helped her stay current with industry trends and best practices.

Ms Maryanne Uwagba's contributions to Zankli Medical Centre, both as a dedicated and versatile professional and as a leader in finance and administration, have been instrumental in the center's success. Her rich and diverse experience, along with her commitment to excellence, make her an invaluable member of the organization's leadership team.

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