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H.O.D GOPD / Consultant Family Physician

Years at Zankli: 4 years 11 months

Role: Head, General Outpatient Department, Zankli Medical Centre

Years of Experience: 5 years post Fellowship

Fellowship in Family Medicine: Dr. Okong Orok holds a Fellowship in Family Medicine, which reflects her specialized training and expertise in providing comprehensive medical care to individuals and families across various age groups.

Masters in Health Policy and Management: She has earned a Masters in Health Policy and Management, showcasing her commitment to understanding and improving healthcare systems and policies, which is a valuable asset in her role as Head of the General Outpatient Department.

Professional Involvement:

Member of Research and Ethics Committee for Zankli Medical Centre: Dr. Okong Orok actively contributes to the ethical oversight and promotion of research activities within the medical center, ensuring that all research conducted adheres to rigorous ethical standards.

Member of the Infection Control Unit for Zankli Medical Centre: Her participation in the Infection Control Unit demonstrates her dedication to maintaining high standards of hygiene and safety within the healthcare facility, especially important in light of recent global health concerns.

Dr. Okong Orok is a highly qualified and experienced medical professional who plays a pivotal role at Zankli Medical Centre. Her background in Family Medicine, combined with her understanding of health policy and management, equips her to lead the General Outpatient Department with excellence.

Additionally, her contributions to research and ethics, as well as her involvement in infection control, underline her commitment to delivering quality healthcare services while ensuring the safety and well-being of patients and staff.

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