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The Lovett Lawson Molecular Laboratory is affiliated with Zankli Medical Center. Our molecular laboratory provides a wide range of other services apart from COVID-19 PCR testing.

Zankli is an unusual private hospital in Abuja, which has embarked on the development of academic and research activities in collaboration with a number of institutions both at home and abroad. Its TB/HIV Research was involved in a large study on micro nutrients in TB patients. Lecture series by distinguished Nigerians and international academics are arranged often to strengthen evidence based approach and promote collaboration with the various institutions.Fortnightly clinical meetings take place at the Mansel Conference Centre of the Hospital covering various medical specialties.

Some of it’s staff are part time senior lecturers at various tertiary institutions.Staff associated with the centre have published many research papers in peer-reviewed international journals.The research laboratory is well equipped with modern equipment including both the BACTEC 960 and BACTEC 1050 for blood culture.The first HPLC machine for newborn screening for Sickle cell disorder in Nigeria was installed in the Zankli Research laboratory in 2010 during the Sickle cell cohort pilot study funded by the UNDP. We have been involved in Sickle cell research for several years with several organisations and the Sickle Cell Clinic runs weekly with a trained nurse counsellor .

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